Making Points

Making Points

Filmmakers: Charlotte Zwerin
Price listed includes Public Performance License.

A short film which places women in a dominant position in society, reversing traditional gender stereotypes.

Other credits: A Middlemarch Films Production
Produced for Girls Club of America
Executive Producers: Ellen Hovde & Muffie Meyer
Produced & Directed by Charlotte Zwerin
"A clever role reversal which effectively shows the pervasiveness of sexism."
- SIECUS Report

"This film utilizes an unusual approach to explore the topic of sex roles. Using a pseudo-TV news report format, a female reporter interviews four high school males regarding their plans for the future. The 'catch' is that the answers reflect a hypothetical situation where females hold the dominant position in society and males are relegated to domestic positions."
- Choice Magazine

"The fun helps smooth the message, clever approach."
- EFLA Evaluations

"Intended to stimulate discussions about career choices and examine stereotypes and prejudices. The film uses humor to make its point."
- Landers Film Reviews